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Your Second Visit to Our North Las Vegas Practice

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On your report visit we explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

The doctor will have reviewed your posture evaluation, examination results, and x-ray images prior to you returning for a second visit. He will then sit down with you a review with you the results of those tests. You will also be able to receive a copy of the test results for your records.

If the doctor finds that your health condition is being caused from your spine and posture, then he will fully explain:

  1. What is the cause of you problem;
  2. Can the problem be corrected with treatment; and
  3. What type of treatment is necessary to correct the problem and make sure that it does not return.

We have implemented a system of care that has helped thousands of our patients achieve phenomenal results in recovering their health in a relatively short period of time EVEN where other systems have failed INCLUDING medical, orthopedic surgeon, physical therapy, and even other Chiropractic systems . But it’s what we do that’s different that helps our patient achieve such amazing results. We have implemented the latest state-of-the-art research and technology in spinal and postural regeneration that cannot only correct most spinal conditions, but can also reverse the aging process of your spine and regenerate your health and vitality.

We don’t accept every patient that walks into our office. We have VERY SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS that we make of EVERY patient that participates in a spinal and postural regenerative program, and those are the requirements that we accept people on. We will review these requirements with you on this visit.

Treatment will typically begin on the patient’s second visit. Our initial goal is get your body out of the CRISIS state as quick as possible. We need to reconnect your brain with your organs and get energy moving from your brain, through your neck and into ALL the vital organs of your body again so your body can start healing and functioning back to 100% as quick as possible. We also need to get the inflammation out of the nerves and calm the symptoms down. We may need to perform some additional tests to determine how your condition will respond to our regenerative procedures.

We have new patient workshops once a week where we teach our Regaining Your Youth and Vitality Workshop.

At the workshop we will cover:

  1. How your spine and health got this way
  2. How this condition affects your health right now and in the future
  3. What type of program will be necessary to correct your condition and return you back to 100% health as quick as possible

And more…

Take a look to see what you can expect during your regular visits to our office.

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